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    Climate Center rolls out welding gases across network

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    Success with new welding gases prompts national roll-out across Pipe Center and Climate Center.

    Following the success of initial welding gas sales, Climate Center is now rolling out its new range across its national network - branches will be fully stocked by the end of March 2013.

    “It has been a runaway success,” says product manager Craig Lees. “Contractors tell us they like the convenience of a one-stop shop, as they can source all equipment and installation accessories from a single supplier, saving time and money.”

    The company claims price transparency has been a major advantage, with costs quoted upfront without hidden extras.

    “It is an issue for installers, who can get hit with unexpected charges for cylinder rental and collection. We give three months free rental with a single charge, and no hidden extras. It’s an attractive offer,” Craig added.

    The Braze-A-Gas® package includes oxygen and acetylene cylinders, flame torches and accessories to enable engineers to braze a full range of pipe work and system components.

    The company’s Welding Toolbox, which contains essential items such as gauge, hose and lightweight burner, has been “flying off the shelves.”

    Use of brazing has increased significantly in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector particularly recently due to the trend away from use of traditional flare connections and their replacement with fully-brazed, sealed systems, in order to minimise refrigerant leakage.

    Oxy-acetylene is the preferred medium for brazing as it delivers the hottest flame (3500deg C) of all commonly used fuel gases. This is important to ensure penetration of filler metal into the brazed joint to create a strong, refrigerant-tight seal.

    While other types of brazing fuel are suitable for use with smaller pipe work and components, oxy-acetylene can also be used with larger diameter pipe, bigger components such as vibration eliminators and a range of materials, including copper and steel.

    Oxygen cylinders are colour-coded with a white shoulder, while acetylene cylinders are painted the traditional maroon with a reflective stripe, to increase visibility in low light conditions.

    Alongside the cylinders, the company supplies a full range of safety and handling equipment, including goggles, gloves and trolleys.

    Following the success of the roll-out, the supplier is now looking at the potential of other industrial gases to add to its range.

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